Follow these steps: 

1. Choose between our packages: 
- Bronze, silver, gold or diamond. The bronze package includes 2 images.
The silver package includes 3 images.
The gold package includes 4 images.
The diamond package includes 6 images.


     2. Choose what material the designed shin guards should have 
     – Fiberglass

     3. Upload your pictures you want on the leg protectors. (good image quality with high resolution is recommended for best results).

     4. Describe how, where and what text should be on each shin guard. For example ” I wish to have the family photo on left shin with the quote family first”.

     5. The last and final part. The payment.

     Within 4-7 days you will receive the personalized sketch and we will produce them as soon as they are approved!

     If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us today. Email us at:

     Thank you for your order! / Team SpartaSG