About Shin Guards



Carbon fiber is one of man’s biggest constructed materials. Because it is lighter and stronger than most metals, it has revolutionized everything from the aerospace industry, to car racing, to artificial limbs. And while the excellent woven look makes it even more appealing, and it can be used almost anywhere.


Lightweight fiberglass leg protection in absolute top quality. The fiberglass is extremely solid and absorbs punches and kicks against the legs in a brilliant way.


60g – 70g depending on the size of the shin guard.


70g – 80g depending on the size of the shin guard.



 Height: 15cm

Width: 7,5cm


Height: 17cm

Width: 7,5cm


Height: 19cm

Width: 7,5cm

Own design

When ordering the shin guard you will have the opportunity – depending on the package – to upload pictures, numbers, initials, flag and wishes regarding placement etc.

What happens efter I ordered?

When the order is placed, our shin guard designers will go through the order and create a design proposal which we will then send to you for approval. If you are not satisfied, we make a new design proposal.

The shin guards are never produced without your approval of the design.